MagLev Energy

MagLev Energy, Inc. (MEI) management wishes to bring forward notice of outstanding performance and exemplary technical expertise experienced during fulfillment of our current order.

A nearly impossible challenge was presented to create a working prototype of new, unique technology not found anywhere in the world.

Again, your staff rose to the challenge at each step of the creation and manufacturing process. As each detail was placed form drawing to copper and metal, inconsistencies were found before fatal error. Solutions advised by your team worked each, and every time. Not only were corrections performed in “best practice” but educated “out of the box” suggestions firmly rooted in hard physics came forward without request.

Each step of the process was documented, approved, and moved into future production status for cost-effective replication.

MEI now proudly claims a one-of-a-kind motor/alternator technology with efficiency greater than 99%

Windings, Inc. truly earns technical superiority, and defines customer partnership.

MagLev Energy