For years Windings delivered the highest performing, most reliable custom electric motor and alternator/generator solutions available for use in extreme environmental conditions such as Oil & Gas downhole tooling applications.

The extreme environment present in Oil & Gas wells presents a formidable challenge to any device, and designing electrical products that not only survive, but thrive, can be particularly challenging. Exposure to hydrostatic pressures exceeding 10,000 psi (70 MegaPascals) and temperatures in excess of 200°C tests even the most proven solutions. And the use of steam, water, and very aggressive chemicals (e.g., synthetic oil, hydrogen sulfide, acid, and methane) add additional complexity.

Very few electrical insulation materials can survive such an extremely harsh environment. Traditional polyimide enamel (“varnish”) magnet wire insulation becomes brittle and cracks at higher temperatures and mechanical stresses, causing loss of insulation resistance and voltage breakdown performance leading to premature catastrophic failure of the electrical coil. And traditional workarounds like installing wire with thicker insulation have proven ineffective.

Windings electric motors are designed specifically to operate reliably in extreme environments, minimizing the risk of catastrophic failures for maximum operational uptime. The robust wires in Windings’ motors have a unique engineered fluoropolymer insulation that’s exceptionally resistant to extreme conditions like harsh chemicals, hydrolysis, and high-pressure / high temperature (HPHT).

Benefits of Windings Downhole Tooling Motors:

  • Exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals and hydrolysis
  • Superior electrical performance in wide-ranging temperatures to 260°C
  • Highest voltage endurance from 300-600V
  • Longer life and increased reliability
  • Minimized risk of unexpected catastrophic failures


These values demonstrate the electrical, mechanical and environmental performance of our motors.




Operating Voltage Range (V) AC

300 — 600

Spark Test Voltage (V) AC


Dielectric Breakdown Voltage (kV) tested per ANSI/NEMA MW 1000a


Wire Insulation

Engineered Fluoropolymer


Bare Copper

Operating Temperature Range (°C)

-55 to +260




DuraCORE Series Motors

GORE Magnet Wire
Improved Durability
Resistance to Hydrolysis
Hydraulic Functionality at 260° C & 34 kspi

Rotary Steerable Tooling

LWD/MWD Alternators
Hydraulic Pump Alternators
Hydraulic Pump Electric Motors

Wireline Tooling.
Manufacturing Optimization

Hydraulic Pump Electric Motors

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