Green Industries

Proudly Supporting the Advancement of Sustainable, Renewable, and Other Green Energy Solutions

At Windings we have maintained our support of the increasingly expanding environmentally conscious marketplace.  As industries have shifted their focus toward sustainable, renewable, and green energy, our custom electric motors, generators, and alternators provide efficient and flexible solutions to our customers cutting edge problems.

A tremendous asset in the face of assisting companies to become more ecofriendly is our products ability to help organizations cut down on carbon emissions from fossil fuels.  By switching to electric products, companies and industries can drastically reduce their carbon footprint.  Our products are also being used to explore and utilize new ways of producing electricity in an effort to help the United States create a sustainable power grid.

Here are some way that we help today…


Formula E
  • Powered by Electric Motors that Convert 90% Electrical Energy into Motion
  • Zero Net Emissions
    • Donations Made to Green Charities to Offset Aggregate Emissions from Transportation, Energy Usage at Events, etc.
  • Only 1% Emissions Attributed to Cars Manufacturing
  • Batteries Charged by Solar Panels
  • Collegiate Long Distance Rally-Style Racing Competition
  • Uses Electric Motors Powered by Alternative Energy Sources
    • Solar Panels
    • Batteries
  • Race
    • 2-3k Kilometers
    • Maintaining a Target Speed
University of Minnesota Solar Project

Power Generation

Wind Power (On Shore/Off Shore)
  • Producing 380 Billion kWh
  • Currently 57,000 Windmills in the U.S.
  • In Next 5 Years
    • 180 On-Shore to be Built
    • 17 Off-Shore to be Built
    • Additional 6,903,000 kWh
  • U.S. Coast Waves Produce an Estimated 2.64 trillion kWh
    • About 2/3 of total U.S. Utility-Scale Electricity Generation in 2021
    • Power Capacity 2.31 MW in 2020
    • Another 100 MW Expected to be Installed
  • First U.S. Federal Wave Energy Lease for Federal Waters Issued in 2021
Wave Energy

Electric Cars

  • Smaller Carbon Footprint than Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) even while Charging
  • Green House Gas Emissions Associated with Electric Vehicles over it’s Lifetime are Typically Lower than ICE even in Manufacturing
  • Becoming More Accessible
    • 45,000 Charging Ports
    • Number Growing Rapidly

Electric Flight

Electric Vertical Takeo-off & Landing (eVTOL)
Electric Conventional Take-off & Landing (eCTOL)
  • Possible Reduction of 49 – 88% in CO2e Emissions
    • Aviation Industry Currently Uses 900 Million Tones of CO2 per Year
    • Cutting 441 – 792 Million Tones of CO2 per Year
  • About 2.7 Million Tones Saved if U.K. Alone Switched to Electric Domestic Flight
  • About 20 Years Away from Zero Emissions Airplanes
    • Airlines Pushing for Net Zero Emissions by 2050